We’re on the road again

April 20, 2014

It’s been such a joy for me to create the above film reflecting the feelings and inspirations gained from participants on our workshops, retreats and trainings. We feel so fortunate to be able to share yoga in so many beautiful places and share with some incredible beings.

In the coming weeks and months we’ll be in Brisbane at One family Yoga and Fitness, Darwin at Mukti Yoga and then head to Europe for workshops in Switzerland, Holland, Italy and Germany. It’s also the first year we will be offering an 8 day Yoga Retreat in Australia. We have chosen the Sanctuary Retreat in Mission Beach which we feel is the perfect place to immerse oneself in the teachings of Yoga and Self Knowledge.  We  absolutely love what we do and know you will too. Why not take the leap and deepen your practice with us in 2013

Rachel Zinman Yoga

The Rise of the ECO Yogi

April 12, 2014


Rachel Zinman YogaIt’s been building for a while now. This feeling that something needs to be done. I can’t ignore the signposts. My friends are camping out at CSG blockades, marching against outrageous political policies or heading off to save endangered Orangutang’s in Borneo. 

I’ve liked a whole bunch of vegan, environmentally, socially minded pages, signed numerous petitions and donated funds to enable others to stand at the front lines. AND still I feel there’s more to do. 

I’ve been carrying that thought around for a while now. Its a habit. I come from a  family of doers, donators and progressive thinkers. My grandmothers were communists and pantheists. My grandfathers bankers and merchants. While half of me is socially minded and a nature lover the other half wants to offer products in the marketplace that facilitate change.

ecowarriors rise filmLast night we went to see THE RISE OF THE ECO WARRIORS. The director and writer of the film Cathy Henkel, a dear friend, spied us in the audience and insisted we get a decent seat. “This is an important film and I want you guys to be able to see it,” She was right. This is a film everybody should see.

From the outset I was drawn into the subject because the characters-eco warriors from all over the world-are absolutely determined to make a difference to the eco system of the planet. They’re colourful young people, who care and are willing to go into the jungle, face fears and work hard to bring awareness to issues that affect each and every one of us. 

And what are the issues? The deforestation of indigenous forests, the endangerment of a way of life for native cultures and the plight of Orangutang’s who have nowhere to live once their forests are destroyed.

Orangutang's in BorneoThe film exposes how insanely fast our forests are disappearing, how hard it is to raise awareness and get funding, and how hard the native people are fighting for their land. 

And why ? So I can keep my house clean, wash my body and eat my snacks. I had no idea how many things contain palm oil. And I’m supposed to be a socially minded eco conscious yogi.

We passed Cathy on the way out congratulating her on the film. “ I made this film to raise awareness, if even 10 people call their local Coles or Woolworth’s and ask them to stop stocking a particular product containing palm oil. they will listen.”  It was a heartening thought

Later that night a the years of living dangerouslypost from 350.0rg came on my Facebook feed. The first episode of a new series on Showtime was being released “ The Years of Living Dangerously” In the series, produced by Arnold Schwarzanegger, socially minded actors like Harrison Ford and Don Cheadle head out into the world to speak with leading scientists and local communities to see the effect that Climate Change is having on their every day lives. It’s easy for us to see it as happening over there rather then right here. 

But none of us can really turn a blind eye as over there is definitely encroaching on right here by the second.

Instead of watching another Pharrel Williams cover for “Happy” on YouTube I’ve decided to turn my Facebook scrolling into a conscious practice-clicking through to the suggested websites at the end of both films and raising my awareness of the products that don’t really help me to be cleaner fresher and happier. 

There’s a saying out there; “Happiness is an inside job.” But really it’s so much more then that. Happiness is who we are. It’s not something we can get or have. If anything was the source of happiness we’d all be lining up around the planet for it. We’ve been lead to believe that happiness is personal. What appears to make me happy can’t make you happy and visa versa, thats why we feel the need for so many different things.

Rachy-107Happiness isn’t complicated and neither are we. We are given the gift of awareness. If you practice yoga you would have had it drummed into you by now to become aware of your thoughts. To focus and harness the mind which in turn relieves stress. We might not understand exactly how this formula works, but we definitely feel the benefits. 

In the same way social awareness needs to become a finely crafted tool.

What do you do with a tool once its perfected? Do you stick it in the garage and forget about it? Absolutely not. You use it to shape and craft beautiful things. And you and me and our planet and its eco systems with its life giving water and air are creation’s masterpiece. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all used our awareness to keep it so.

To find out more about what you can do to inform yourself visit the following sites

Off the Mat into the World

March 18, 2014


The first time I really felt strongly about something was just after 9/11. I was living in NYC at the time and will never forget the terror I felt at finding out that the trade towers had been hit. In the weeks that followed the government took the opportunity to go to war, curb our civil liberties and establish, “ homeland security.” Even though I wanted to turn a blind eye and just do my Yoga I felt I had to take a stand. I’ll never forget my teacher Alan Finger sharing that we shouldn’t hate the people who had done this. It would be like hating your own arm.

As part of a global peace demonstration I was moved to write a piece for The Nation, an online and in print magazine that offered alternative and meaningful news. 

peacevigil too

“My husband and I met [author and prayer leader] James Twyman and joined his e-mail list. He wrote that he was going to be doing a major peace vigil on the 9th of February with a mix of Israelis and Palestinians. He wrote, “Rather than pushing for peace, we’re going to bepeace. We’re going to bend the world toward peace.” He asked for everyone to gather, so I started, two months before, sending e-mails: “If you’d like to join me in spirit or physically, please do.” On the day, I had invited a lot of people to be with me. I said, “At 12 noon, I’m going to lead this meditation.” There were forty-five of us there. A lot of people sat with us, and a lot of people joined us in spirit. They e-mailed me afterward and said, “We could feel it.” I had felt ineffective. I had thought, “How can my voice be heard?” For me, to be able to share this is a way to take action. We were being grateful for the peace that already exists on this earth.”

Back then I felt that joining together and demonstrating peace was enough. Now, 11 years later I have learned that there is no need to “ demonstrate peace” all that is needed is to know oneself then we discover that in the creation there is never anything but peace.  

Rachel Zinman YogaMoving off the mat, being open to dialogue and taking a stand for what you feel is right is important. At the same time the real issues run deeper then climate change and collapsed economies. Do we ever stop to question ourselves? Do we ask who is creating the mess in the first place? and what does this messer upper hope to gain? In the end it all comes down to thinking we have to do something to get something. Why can’t we just get that being is enough. In fact we can’t help being- it’s happening effortlessly whether we know it or not.

As a society we think that someone or something has the power to bring us happiness? Why? Because through our conditioning; our education and up-bringing has made us feel powerless, empty, wrong, incomplete in some way and that there is some hole that we have to fill and when we fill it we will feel complete. We have all become excellent hole diggers. We dig the hole and we get in.

Rachel Zinman YogaOf course this is a yoga blog, a blog that people read to find out more about yoga, its not a place to talk about politics. Or is it? If you practice yoga then there’s something you want to change in your life. Maybe you want to be fitter, able to stand stress better or perhaps as a yoga teacher you want to help others change their lives. When I was a kid growing up in America we were taught all about our founding forefathers and how they wanted to make a difference “ freedom, justice and liberty for all” was their catch cry. Isn’t that also why we do Yoga? To be free?

In philosophy the understanding is that we all strive towards “ Moksha” (Freedom) But see how crazy this is; already free, already whole and complete-we just don’t know it. The only thing standing in our way is conditioning born of ignorance. It is conditioning and ignorance that prevents us from knowing who we truly are. And this is not the fault of the society. If we were not born ignorant and knew everything then what fun would it be? But if only our politicians and leaders, heads of corporations could start questioning themselves, and see past their own conditioning and ignorance and know the truth of who they are, then the world we live in would be a far safer and better place.


Seeing things as they are and yourself as you are is to step to freedom. Eliminating our own self ignorance fills us with absolute empathy and compassion for one another. Knowing that we are inseparably part of the Whole – That Consciousness – which alone exists, makes even death and dying a joke. The practices of yoga by lifting our conditioning momentarily of course bring us peace, happiness, and completeness BECAUSE THIS IS ALL THERE IS. Yoga helps prepare us for this understanding momentarily removing our normal and habitual preoccupations. But yoga too can become another form of conditioning. So watch out! 

But if for a split second – we are able remember ourselves as the yoga-the Consciousness itself-then what happens as you step off the mat can only be filled with Love and Compassion. Empathy-spreading Joy, Happiness, Peace, Love.  

So what does it mean to step off the mat and into the world? 

I’ll let you decide.

Want to hear more ? Join Rachel Zinman and John Weddepohl for Intensives in Sydney, Berry, Wollongong, Byron Bay, Brisbane and Darwin throughout March , April and May 2014

Thanks to John Weddepohl for contributing  to this blog

What does it mean to “take your practice to the next level?”

March 12, 2014

Yoga and Self Knowledge early morning intensive Barefoot YogaYou’ve started Yoga and you love it. It doesn’t take rocket science to immediately feel the benefits. You’re sleeping better, feeling more emotionally balanced and enjoying the community that Yoga brings. Your family and friends notice the difference too. You seem happier, more settled and able to cope better with the stresses of life. So whats next?

Your yoga teacher encourages you to come at least three times a week to keep up your strength and fitness levels. Some weeks you make it and some you don’t. Life does gets in the way in an all too short work week. Yoga isn’t about being competitive but you can’t help sneaking a glance at your fellow Yogi holding Down Dog that little bit longer or the svelte Yogini lightly kicking up into handstand while you struggle with just being able to hold yourself up in the plank pose.

You might wonder. What makes Miss Yogini any different then you? You assume its her size, her age or that she went to India last year, but make no mistake. Those things have nothing to do with why someone can achieve a seemingly difficult posture.

Early morning Yoga in Sydney

What really makes the difference is time, effort and consistency of practice and a willingness to take one’s practice to the next level. So what does taking your practice to the next level really mean? Is it about being adept in the poses we see in the Yoga magazines? Or is something more mysterious and other worldly? Or both? For me as a practitioner of over 29 years my practice changed when I made the commitment to move out of my comfort zone. My first 5 day early morning intensive was in a small Australian coastal town in the late 80’s. I loved sliding out of bed at 5.30 am to stretch and shape my body like a pretzel . The air at that time was moist and rich and the world was still quiet and rare. When asked to sit quietly and watch my breath before beginning the asanas I could literally eat the silence.

early morning intensive Rachel Zinman Yoga

I was 23 at the time, with hardly any flexibility or strength, but I loved my teacher and was intrigued by Yoga and couldn’t help thinking there was more to it then met the eye. 

After that first week long immersion I  was convinced this was the secret formula I’d been looking for.  By the end of the week I could stay in Down dog for over 2 minutes, hold an arm balance without crashing onto my nose and push up into full wheel all on my own. I was more flexible and strong then I could ever remember and the rest of my day seemed to float past like a fluffy cloud. It was like being in love or something way better which I couldn’t quite put my finger on. 

early morning Yoga intensive sydney

That something I couldn’t quite grasp was what led me to the next part of “ taking my practice to the next level” I had so many questions about why I felt so good after Yoga  and what was actually happening when I stepped onto the mat. Having started Yoga so young purely for physical reasons it was a while before I even knew there was anything more. I have my experienced teachers and mentors to thank for guiding me to deeper and deeper levels. It was their encouragement to do more that took my practice and understanding to the next level. 

I can’t rave enough about the many benefits associated with attending a Yoga intensive. Giving yourself a consistent time period to improve your skills on a physical level and also understanding more about what Yoga is and how it works on the mental level is immensely transformative . The other factor of practicing at dawn means the level of energy available to you is magnified. At dawn the prana or life force is very close to the earth, the heat  of the sun has yet to burn away the delicate natural forces that nourish the earth and us. An early morning practice enables you to cultivate your energy and build your immunity, strengthening all your systems so you come back to your natural resilience.

barefoot Yoga early morning Yoga and Self Knowledge intensive with Rachel Zinman and John WeddepohlThese days it’s not as “ in” to offer an intensive. Everyone is too busy fitting Yoga around their day. However for those people who want to have the skills to attempt more difficult poses like handstand or wheel, who our looking to know, understand and explore more of what Yoga is all about. And especially for those who want to keep the “high”  alive in every day life. A deeper immersion is an absolute must.

Why not dive in right now and Join Rachel Zinman and John Weddepohl for a 5 day early morning Intensive at Barefoot Yoga March 24- 28  

Keeping it ordinary during the Holidays

December 24, 2013

Rachel Zinman YogaIt’s that time of year again, everyone’s madly shopping and hopping to the tune of the holidays. Here in Australia despite the blazing sun and soaring temperatures it’s no different. Christmas comes but once a year and everyone’s got an opinion about it.

Our local radio station reminds me, as I meander through the hills after a shopping foray, that the holiday season is not about commercialism, it’s about giving from the heart. And while friends are “elfing” themselves for a good laugh, sharing viral videos about families in Xmas P.J’s, I wonder what a baby really thinks of his parents clowning around in Santa Hats?

I don’t really have a bone to pick with all the hype but I have been floored by how online advertisers and magazines use yoga to try to cash in on the Christmas craze. I mean who cares whether I have the latest yogi toe mat or lulu lemon see-through pants? One blog goes so far as to suggest I do a Christmas sequence with names like prancer and snow globe. Not even the most advanced practitioner in their right mind could do these postures and come out alive.

Rachel Zinman Yoga

I’m sorry to be sarcastic at Christmas time- especially when we are meant to be focussing on gratitude, reflecting on the year that was, setting intentions for the New Year and making our vegan, gluten free turkey stuffing. But C’mon its ridiculous out there.  

When I speak to other friends who have been doing yoga for a long time they share that the Yoga ” out there”  has nothing to do with Yoga. Since when did Yogi’s practice in crowds? In fact the real Yoga is not readily available and a true teacher doesn’t need to advertise. Googling for authentic yoga just doesn’t work, although nowadays everyone thinks you can.

So whats the solution?  

Rachel Zinman Yoga

For me, the past year has been about keeping it ordinary. Eating well, doing a daily practice, being with family whenever and wherever possible. Watching a sunset, a sunrise and just simply being. I feel grateful to have the capacity to appreciate and enjoy life and I feel lucky to be able to have the time to give to others just for the sheer joy of it. 

I have no desire to sell yoga. Yoga isn’t for sale- just like creation isn’t for sale. When we celebrate the birth of a child we marvel at the perfection of creation. At birth everything is given. A baby has no sense of imperfection. It’s only through conditioning that imperfection appears to exist.

It’s times like these, when we are told that something is missing and that there is something that can fill the gap that living an ordinary life is so potent.

So today like every day- I’ll take a moment to smell a flower, smile at a friend and appreciate the little things..

Happy Holidays to everyone and may it be the best year yet.

Why Practice Yoga?

November 17, 2013

At the start of our Self Knowledge classes we take some time to reflect and contemplate. If you are moved to go deeper into both your practice and understanding of Yoga why not join us in India February 13-23, 2014.

visit http://www.rachelzinmanyoga.com/RETREATS for more details.

The practice enables us to relax. Be calm. Giving the mind a focus. Relaxing the mind you feel peaceful. Calm. Content. Why? Because your nature is peace. Contentment Itself. Your nature is completeness. Stillness but I don’t know that. I look for it in everything, I look for it in these practices too, not realising stillness is the nature of myself. First there is truth. Then everything else.

Come Deepen your Practice in Byron Bay in October

October 7, 2013


Byron Yoga Training

Come join us for Open Vinyasa flow classes with Rachel In Byron Bay as part of our Teacher Training

October 23- November 20, 2013

Our classes are on every day from 7-9 am at the North Byron Events ” Lakehouse”  Monday , Wednesday and Friday Rachel will be sharing her signature Creative Vinyasa Flow and Kanako and Karen will be teaching the Easy Sequence on Tuesday and Thursday . You are also welcome to join our afternoon Ishta Mala practice from 5.15- 6.00 pm every day.  Single Classes are $15 or  pay $240 and commit to a month long intensive. We have plenty of space at the venue so you don’t need to book.  Please bring your own mat and make sure you park on the street. Feel free to email me if you have any questions

Fear and loathing on the walking trail

September 4, 2013

Rachel Zinman YogaHave you ever taken a walk and not known where you were going, how long you would be gone or what you would find along the way?

A walk into nowhere is a metaphor for life; born into this body not knowing who we are, where we are going or what we will find we look to guides who are happy to show us the terrain, point out danger spots and lead us to the most spectacular view. Each one of us has been guided according to culture, landscape and heredity and its what we rely on to navigate the terrain.

Keeping all this in mind I put on my walking shoes and headed up the road for an hour or so to enjoy the sights and smells of the Sydney Harbor National Park. A friend had suggested I head in that general direction “over there” just keep going till the end of the road and it will all become obvious. But it wasn’t obvious and I was all on my lonesome. Where were all the fitness enthusiasts at 9 am?

Eventually I found my way to a tiny beach populated by a duck and its family of chicks. Mrs. Duck snapped at my heels reminding me that I was to go nowhere near her brood, a few cockatoos lazily picked at the ground as I swept past them. A lone car was parked opposite the end of the trail and a huge hill loomed ahead. I climbed the hill in steady strides and just as I reached the top another hiker who must have had wheels on his shoes strode past me. Where did he come from? It took another kilometer to realize that I was afraid to walk alone in an unknown place.

Rather then employ the myriad of self-help techniques that are bandied about to deal with my fear I decided to get logical. Whenever the mind is faced with the unknown it refers to what it knows. You can’t know what you don’t know.

So where does fear come in? When the mind can’t find a reference point it goes to the basic belief system it’s been given. Some of us when faced with the unknown will refer to excitement, others to despair, depression or fear.

Rachel Zinman YogaSo what’s more important trying to change the emotion that arises in that unknowable moment or understanding who is having the emotion? There are always going to be situations out of our control. Trying to ” be positive” isn’t going to get to the root of the issue. The next unknown situation will come along and the fear will return.

Fear is natural, if you watch an animal they use fear to avoid danger, to keep away predators, it’s our protective mechanism. But it can’t be conquered. It has to be seen for what it is. Any emotion is a thought that we have given momentum to because we have a weakness for what that thought contains. In other words if we are afraid of something, there has to be a reason why we have invested energy into that thought. Perhaps having fears has protected us at some point in our lives. Perhaps the anxiety put us in control in some way.  This is where understanding WHO is having the fear is so powerful. Once you ask the question- the one having the fear (which is you) knows you’re onto it. It can’t hide in its identification with the thought of fear. It can’t hide in the identification of a thought to counteract the fear. Every time you take a step back and ask who is the EXPERIENCER, the question trumps the deck and all the cards fall down.

Just in time too as the path led me right to its natural conclusion- a complete circle- and there was nothing to be afraid of…

Adopt an attitude of Gratitude

August 21, 2013

DSC01894 - Version 2When we come together in community (online) or face to face and share what inspires us that inspiration is contagious. This week I want to share a beautiful post by my dear friend Lisa Fitzpatrick who is not only the Anatomy teacher on our Teacher Training but the director of Sacred Women’s Business. A platform for women to tap into their power and potential as creative beings. 

Being Grateful for Challenges
by Lisa Fitzpatrick

This week has been overflowing with blessings. On Saturday, I was fortunate to be able to participate in a gratitude yantra-making ceremony initiated by two extraordinary women – Rachel Zinman and Lauren Tober.

Rachel Zinman Yoga, Byron Yoga Teacher Training

Seven women gathered together amongst the multi-coloured flower petals to decorate and celebrate the seven chakras or energy centres of the body. Each rose petal was blessed and infused with the breath of gratitude symbolic of each chakra. The connection and deeply nourishing need we have as women to be working together, creating beauty and sharing can be easily overlooked. We have traditionally been the gatherers, the ones who home-make and forage and work in unison. Studies have shown that when we connect with our women kin we release serotonin (that feel-good hormone) that helps to boost our mood and give us our feminine radiance and vitality.

Hundreds of petals were sorted according to colour and then arranged into yantras. The beauty and profound power of yantra is a tactile, sensory experience of shape. Instead of using logic and masculine left brain awareness to create change, the use of yantra is a heart-centred and feminine way to access the subconscious mind to create deep healing and change through the use of shapes.

The seven chakra names were placed in a lucky dip and I was fortunate to draw Ajna, the chakra most people know as ‘the third eye’, the energy centre of intuition, insight and inspiration. Each and every petal was infused with breath and gratitude for all the things in my life representative of these qualities. Rachel Zinman Yoga. Byron Yoga Teacher TrainingI realised how thankful I am for the time intuition has guided me to make decisions, especially the life-changing and challenging ones. I am so thankful for the many inspiring women in my life: friends, clients and family. I am so grateful for all the lessons I have learnt from suffering in the past from depression, being divorced and having numerous other challenges because they have all bought me to this place of deep, enduring beauty. It’s not easy to sit in concentration, to be so disciplined that each petal is mindfully placed, but the endless well of gratitude is exactly that – endless and infinite with a resonance that lasts for weeks, months and years after it has been acknowledged.  What we focus on expands, and through focussing on these deep blessings we multiply them a thousand fold, like lotus petals flowering.

Rachel Zinman Yoga, Byron Yoga teacher Training

Our day of yantra making happened to fall on Lakshmi’s birthday, the Hindu goddess of beauty and abundance. Lakshmi turns up where there’s beauty to deliver her abundance. Abundance can show up in a myriad of ways aside from money. The key is to be open to seeing it when it does show up.

This week, be open to the many visual impressions of beauty and abundance you see in nature. Take time to smell the petals. Take time to notice. Slip from the pointed action-mode of always doing and judging and instead take a mind-nap and relax into the luxury of simply being with something beautiful- a reflection of your inner beauty. Even if it’s just for a moment, it will keep your heart strong and centred. Then count your blessings, by thinking of five things you are truly grateful for. There’s no words to describe how important that is to your well-being as a woman

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Lisa is an experienced Yoga Teacher, Physiotherapist, Transformational Life Coach, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Workshop Facilitator, Writer and Mother. Lisa trained in the Ishta System of Yoga with Rachel in 2007 after a personal crisis moved her to explore and benefit from the profound healing effects of yoga. Since the training, she has enjoyed teaching Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga, Yoga Injury Prevention and Management and Women’s Health on numerous Yoga Teacher Trainings throughout Australia and Internationally. Lisa has a deep passion for sharing the profound effects of yoga on the mind-body interface. She is the founder of Sacred Women’s Business, coaching women to find their unique life purpose and self-leadership style by following their intuition and deep body wisdom. She lives with her two sons in a beautiful sub-tropical paradise near Byron Bay, Australiahttp://www.LisaFitzpatrick.com.au

3 reasons to get real about being a yoga teacher?

August 13, 2013

Byron Yoga Teacher Training with Rachel Zinman YogaLets face  it these days everybody and their dog has either taught yoga, is teaching yoga or wants to teach yoga. In fact a teacher of mine once said when the checkout chick is an International yoga teacher running retreats and workshops, it’s time to consider your options.

Lately it seems like every time I scroll down my newsfeed I read about the pitfalls and issues involved in scoping out the best teacher training or the dilemmas of being an unemployed yoga teacher. In fact one blog emphasises that any teacher-training program that guarantees you’ll get a job is just duping you out of your $3000.

So what’s the scoop? Why do we think that being a yoga teacher is such a big deal and what is the deeper and more meaningful reason we might want to embark on the road to being a yoga teacher?

Byron Yoga Teacher Training in the Ishta System

To be honest I never planned to be a yoga teacher. In fact when I first started yoga I didn’t even like it. I was coerced into practice purely to manage my back pain. I was a dancer and for me yoga was about physical longevity nothing more. I was interested in finding a style and practice that provided a mechanistic view of the body. It wasn’t that I wasn’t philosophical, I had always questioned my existence, but existential thinking and yoga? They were two separate things. Yoga teaching was also something I stumbled into. I was pregnant when a fellow yogi approached me to teach a prenatal class. I became a teacher without ever having done a formal teacher training.

As my teaching and practice evolved so did my curiosity and eventually the existential question “why am I here, what is this all about and what’s the point,” merged with my experience of practice.

Byron Yoga Teacher Training

At 34 after more than 10 years of practice and teaching I began to see yoga as a path. I didn’t know where it would lead, but I was sure I’d find out. That same year I met my teacher Alan Finger the founder of Ishta yoga.

So what was the next step? Did I finally take a teacher training and gain certification? No… by then it was too late and apparently back then I was too experienced.  Instead I was invited to help develop the teacher training program and to train the teachers at Alan’s school another unexpected opportunity. Some of today’s top teacher trainers trained with us in Alan’s teacher training program.

Why was it so successful ?

1. It was before yoga boomed, before global yogi perks, gargantuan yoga festivals, acro and hoop yoga and ayahuasca cacao ceremonies. Back then yoga was for serious and sincere yoga practitioners looking for answers. Their practice was the priority, teaching a byproduct of passion and enthusiasm.

2. Most people when asked why they signed up replied, “I found yoga healing, peaceful, it changed my life so much, gave me hope, helped me to find out more about how to manage my life and I wanted to share that with others.”

Byron Yoga Teacher Training

3. Back in the day the motivation was to help others, not to help yourself.

So what’s happened? How did we fall into the mass consumption of yoga to the point that most teachers are no more than glorified gym instructors? When did the cost of a training, location and length outweigh the need to study with experienced and sincere teachers who could actually answer the questions that brought us to yoga in the first place?

Basically we got lazy. We turned yoga into a business and sacrificed it on the altar of commercialism. It’s a down-dog world out there and we all want our market share.

Byron Yoga Teacher TrainingDon’t get me wrong I absolutely believe in yoga and it’s benefits I’ve taken hard knocks like everyone else and learned that yoga is not a path to bliss. Nothing “out there” can answer my questions. Because any experience I have in a relative sense can never tell me about the experiencer. No matter how much I study, read and practice it can’t tell me about the one who is asking the questions.


Byron Yoga Teacher Training

Because when I look for answers in a book or in a practice I’ll always take the default position. Choosing what’s comfortable or what I relate too. That’s the nature of mind. It doesn’t know anything other than what it knows. And that’s why we are all caught in this yoga loop. A sincere and passionate person is easily seduced by a less is more attitude. Cheap and fast in an exotic location, beats experience any day.

So what’s the solution? We can’t turn back the clock and erase the proliferation of yoga any more than we can ‘save ‘ the planet. What we can do is get real and get informed and sincerely question our real motivation for considering teacher training.

Sincerely seeking answers and wanting to share your passion and enthusiasm for yoga in a down to earth and practical way? We still have a few spaces left in this years Byron Yoga Teacher Training in the Ishta System October 21- November 29. 2013.  Early bird special closes August 21st.


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